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City Break

The capital of Biscay has exactly the profile of cities that are visited in just three days, during a weekend or long weekend enjoying two days of vacation.

Bilbao is not a very expensive city. Find easily, places to spend the night. For example, the Hostel Bilbao (tel. +34 94 427 0057) it is a youth hostel with 48 rooms. It is not situated in the center, but a simple bus ride solve this situation. But if the goal is to stay in the center, the old town of Casco Viejo has many cheap guest houses - little luxurious is certain - where you spend two nights with some comfort: example, Alicia ZZZ Bed And Brekfast (telephone: +34 94 405 39 56). You can also find many good hotels in the city. It all depends on how much you want to spend.The week-end getaways are ideal for walking or cycling around the city. The banks of the river Nervión are considered as one of the best areas to rest and relax while watching the sculptures in various garden areas. Go through the various bridges and meet both river banks of Bilbao: See the famous bridge Zuzizuri or Ponte Branca designed by Santiago Calatrava. Go to La Ribera Market, stroll among the merchants, exchange some impressions, smell the fruit, flowers and watch closely for fresh fish. Before you start the evening, why not go shopping in the neighborhood of Gexto or Gran Via? In the end, you will see that the time passed by far too quickly.

City Break: Andere Reiseziele

Dusseldorf Bilbao Seville Casablanca
Dusseldorf Bilbao Seville Casablanca