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As in any French city, the fashion and wine are unavoidable at the time of seeking gifts and souvenirs, but the caviar and chocolate also part of this shopping list.

The wine is almost a mandatory purchase for those visiting the city of Bordeaux, and there are plenty places you can taste and purchase at least one bottle. Art & Vins (www.art-et-vins.com) has one of the largest wine stores and organizes every Friday, from 7pm free wine tastings and coached by professionals. In Max Bordeaux Wine Gallery (www.maxbordeaux.com) there are 48 wines for tasting, while the Boite Vins (www.bordeauxenboite.fr) combines the wines to enotourism. Who likes wine and chocolates will not hesitate to go to Chocolat au Vin (www.chocolatauvin.fr), which uses a unique method of stuffing chocolates with local wines. In a country long renowned for its gastronomy, gourmet specialties such as caviar, can also be a good gift suggestion: a Sturia Caviar (www.caviar-sturia.com) and French Caviar (www.frenchcaviarbordeaux.fr) are two of most reputable shops in this area. The cheese and cold meats, always combining well with the wine can be enjoyed at the Maison Servain. (www.maisonservan.fr). Besides good food and good wine, France is also synonymous with fashion and Bordeaux continues that tradition. Department stores such as Galeries Lafayette (www.galerieslafayette.com) or Meriadeck (www.meriadeck.com) are an ideal place for those looking for a great diversity of items and prices, while the boutiques like Petrousse (www.petrusse.com) and Pinasse (www.pinasse.fr) sell most exclusive pieces. The Cours de l'Intendance has major luxury shops, but who has a tighter budget can search in the area of Cours Victor Hugo

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