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Go to the "Quadrilátero da Bebida”and see whether you can choose one among dozens of bars in this area. Here a beer costs $ 2 and true fun is guaranteed. You can even play snooker – “sinucar” (snooker) and maybe end the night dancing samba or the lively dance of "forró".

Who lives in Brasilia loves going out at night. Who goes there for a visit can only love it too. In a modern capital such this, nightlife is also active and fun. Among the most popular bars is the "Pontão do Lago Sul" that functions as restaurant and nightclub, or go to "Beirut" and "Libanus". The advantage here is that drinks are inexpensive. Order a beer at the “Desfrut” and pay for only $ 2, while playing "sinucar” (snooker) for 25 cents. Brasilia seems like a teenager that likes to go out into the night. "Quadrilátero da Bebida", is an area of inexpensive bars where the most frequent visitors are students and young artists and where you’ll find some of the most popular bars in the city, such as the “Pôr-do-Sol” or “Meu Bar”. Brasilia knows how to please everyone, without any room for preconceptions. If you like to go dancing then enjoy nights of samba and "forró" at the Arena, or "Sector de Clubes ". But if you prefer electronic music or pop there are other venues such as the "Gates Pub” At night, residents who choose not to go to bars, but their choice is rather going to the movies, in the "Pier 21" on the Avenue of Nations, people line up on weekends for the opening nights. And even here there’s no lack of places to drink. This is a commercial open air space right at the entrance you will find two bars.

Nightlife: Andere Reiseziele

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