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In a city that has always been a trader’s port you can not miss the opportunity to negotiate some bargains, especially in the Central Market, a place to visit. The interaction between seller and buyer is a constant. Train mimics to overcome the difficulties understanding the Moroccans and ... good shopping!

Tells the story that Casablanca was a trading port of the Phoenicians and Romans. The Portuguese also passed through here. “Casa Branca” (White house) ended up being named Casablanca, due to the Spanish influence. Today it is a true metropolis, with nearly 4 million people trade is is part of the people’s culture, fueled by many, many tourists every day, arriving in the city. In addition to the street commerce where shops that seem to sprout in every corner, the Central Market is the epicenter of a frenzy shopping and one of the most interesting places in Casablanca. The building, dated 1926, is divided into several sections where you can just walk around or buy flowers, fruits, vegetables, the famous spices, fish and meat. You will unlikely leave the Market without buying a pack of dates, unshelled nuts, nuts or figs. Basic rule in Morocco, the initial price that the seller gives you has always to be bargained. It is even it a lack of respect not to negotiate the price. Due to the difficulty in understanding the local language, it is best to practice mimics. Carpets of all sizes and patterns, varied hardware, handicrafts, leather goods, such as the famous mules or why not a Birad (Moroccan Tea Pot) for the many teas, a bit of everything can be found in Casablanca

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