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In Scandinavia the snow is part of the everyday life, though Copenhagen, the capital of the Kingdom of Denmark, enjoys a pleasant and stable climate throughout the year. For winter sports lovers, the city is a starting point to other locations in particular to the icy Greenland.

For the most adventurous and fans of so-called winter sports, there are great places where you can ski (alpine and cross country) and snowboarding, but also live unique experiences like traveling on a sledge pulled by dogs (dog-sledge). Visit one of many existing icebergs, particularly in Greenland. For each proposed activity it is necessary to adjust the time of year, since only 15 percent of the surface area is not completely covered by ice cap. In Disko Bay you will first and foremost feel the grandeur of these "ice monsters" while in Kangerlussuaq at close proximity (20 km) you can reach the ice area by bike and if you take a tent you may camp in mid polar cap. Spring is the best time for dog sledging and skiing, but you can also do these activities in summer. In Nuuk, the capital, there are excellent ski tracks. In Ilulissat you can enjoy the "most active" glacier on the planet. Each year, Greenland receives some of the most important events related to ice and snow, confirming the great characteristics of this region for ice and snow activities. In Denmark, there are other places such Gedebjerget, near the town of Saeby, Silkeborg or the Nørreskoven forest.

Snow: Andere Reiseziele

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Copenhagen Moscow Stockholm Zurich