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Among Galicians, A Coruña is well known as the place where you can have the most fun. And this goes beyond reputation. In enclosed spaces or outdoors areas spread around various parts of town, the fiesta lasts until dawn.

Tapas, octopus, pork, seafood and cod are among the local specialities, an essential presence for dinner. Plaza de España is thus an excellent starting point to start the night, with a visit to Taberna Gaioso (www.tabernagaioso.com) or the El 10 Restaurant (www.marisqueriael10.com), two of the most famous houses in town. After dinner, you can find several cafés and bars close by or you can try the Orzán area, where you get, for example, Jazz Filoa, Retro and the Rock'n'Roll Bar, all of them with diverse ambiances and soundtracks. In Orillamar, another one of the areas where you get most of nightlife attractions, you'll find A Repichoca, famous for its links to traditional celtic music, with live acts every Friday from 10pm. Nectar is another sought-after bar, mainly during the weekends. Near the Orzán beach, Trataplan or Bar Egeo area equally recommended for those who enjoy the nightlife. Panaderas, Cidade Velha, Juan Flóres and Matogrande are areas where cafés and bars are abundant. Clubs are spread by three areas: Juan Flórez, Riazor and Santa Cristina. Terrraza, Punto Tres, Playa Club or Piramide (where you only get Latin music) are the most popular places.

Nightlife: Andere Reiseziele

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