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In a city that has pride in its green areas you do not have to look very hard to find relaxing zones: from small gardens to large parks, through to leisure areas or woods surrounding castles, there is a huge choice of places to breathe and ... relax

The turmoil of Düsseldorf can lead to the need for a break to enjoy the silence or for a quiet stroll, where only birdsongs break the silence. It may seem impossible, but these sites of close contact with nature are very close, wherever you may be. The Hofgarten emerged in the 16th century and was the first garden in the city, located in the center offering with its trees, bridges and fountains moments of absolute tranquillity as well as coolness in the warmer months of the year. Park Lantz'scher, besides being a place suitable for the children to run around and play, also has something that will please the grown-ups, many sculptures of various periods. The most modern works contrast with the classical structure of the garden. For those who enjoy more exotic green areas, nothing like a visit to Nordpark, a Japanese garden where peace reigns, with extensive grounds covered with flower beds, monuments, fountains and artwork. It has an area for sunbathing and a playground. Near the Botanical Garden (www.botanischergarten.uni-duesseldorf.de), famous not only for the dome-shaped greenhouse but also for its many different species, is another popular location for walking, sunbathing and barbecues (it has a specific area for the purpose): The Südpark, an area that has stunning views such as a rose garden and woodlands. The gardens around the Benrath, Eller, Mickeln and Heltorfer Palaces have a classic and refined atmosphere, and are also ideal for long walks.

Nature: Andere Reiseziele

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