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It all may start with a beer ... Hanging out after dinner for a beer could be the beginning of a fun night, among the hundreds of bars in the Old Town and modern sites in the renovated harbor area.

To appreciate the city's nightlife you don’t have to stay up until dawn. Just go out after dinner for a drink and try one of the famous beers of the region and you will realize that the excitement is both in the oldest areas such as in the ultra-modern harbor. There’s no lack of pubs, bars and nightclubs where you can have a good time. But first have dinner. The menu can have dishes with strange names for those who do not know German language, but most of them are translated and after trying Ääzezupp (pea soup) or a Himmel un 'Ahd (fried sausage with apple puree and smashed potato) you will realize that good food has no language boundaries. In the Old Town there are many dining options, such as the Golden Ring (www.goldener-ring.com) or Brauerei Zum Schiffchen (www.brauerei-zum-schiffchen.de), while in the harbor area you can find places that do deserve Michelin stars. Two important things: don’t count calories and taste everything along with the local beer. If you stay in the Old Town after dinner it has hundreds of places to choose from, pubs, Irish bars, lounges and tapas restaurants. In the port area search for Hammer Strasse which should not be hard to find, since it is the most visited by those who enjoy a night out. Düsseldorf is a city increasingly in vogue, with its nightclubs that are visited by many international DJs. In the Old City and in Königsallee are the liveliest parties.

Nightlife: Andere Reiseziele

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Prague Dusseldorf Marseille Turin