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Nature was capricious and left behind an unparalleled legacy in the world. The Ria Formosa "carved" an area between Faro and Tavira, a single lagoon system that gave birth to the islands and sandbanks of great beauty and environmental value. This is nature in its purest state that invites contemplation, followed by a dip in the sea.

The Natural Park of Ria Formosa is formed by a string of sandy islands and peninsulas placed parallel to the coast, protecting a lagoon that forms a maze of marshes, canals and small islands. Besides the natural beauty and environmental value (there are several routes for observing the fauna and flora), these islands hold some of the most beautiful beaches in Algarve. The so-called Island of Faro, that is actually a peninsula, has terraces and restaurants. It is provided with bridge that guarantees the connecting by car. The Island of Barreta is considered to be a small paradise of crystal clear water, while Culatra quite extensive, consists of several beaches (Farol, Culatra and Ponta da Ilha), only accessible by boat. In the village you can discover the local traditions and enjoy the best appetizers “petiscos”. Fuseta beach and the island of Armona are close to Olhão. The access is done by regular boat service. These beaches have very warm waters and they are attended by those who enjoy water sports. Tavira is one of the largest islands of the Ria Formosa. Access is done from the area of Quatro Águas (in summer, also from the city of Tavira). Throughout the island there are several beach bars and other infrastructures, but also areas aimed for the practice of nudism. On the island there is a campsite. Also very peaceful is the island of Cabanas with a seven kilometer beach.

Islands: Andere Reiseziele

Praia Horta Pico Stockholm
Praia Horta Pico Stockholm