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Frankfurt is not only a city full of skyscrapers and busy life. This city is also an urban oasis full of green spaces. Lakes and trails invites you for a walk, on foot or by bike, in these many hidden gardens in the city.

Despite the numerous skyscrapers, some 200 meters high, Frankfurt is a city with beautiful parks and hidden gardens, where you can find tranquility after a working day or during a relaxing weekend. The Botanical Garden (Palmengarten) is one of the many parks in the city center that provides such relaxing moments. It was founded in 1868 offering numerous tropical plants. You can also visit the Gardens of Nice (Nizzagärten), with a Mediterranean flora, or go to Holzhausen, a park that even has a small castle that will delight the young ones.With equally idyllic scenery, the Bethmannpark, a Chinese garden, half-hidden, is ideal to practice feng shui, or yoga. In the old part of the city are still Untermainanlage (Garden of the Lower Main) and Obermainanlage (Garden of the Upper Main). Both are close to the medieval city walls. Among the families living here, the zoo, with its more than 150 years of tradition, will always be the favorite choice. If you are fan of sports, go to the garden Carl-von-Weinberg. Here you will find a huge field for various sports. To conclude, you cannot fail to visit the Urban Forest in Frankfurt, with approximately 5,000 hectares and a network of trails with about 450 kilometers.

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