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Hamburg is known as the golf capital of Northern Europe. For example, the German Association of Golf is originally from Hamburg, so the city's connection to sport is already very ancient, one could say almost umbilical. The tourism of the greens is very powerful in Hamburg.

The city has three golf courses. Surrounding Hamburg within a short distance that is easily done after renting a car, you will find more than 20 courses where you can exercise your swing. The best known is the Hamburg Falkenstein Golf Club (www.golfclub-falkenstein.de) that is situated in central Hamburg and is over a century old. In addition to this century old club, the best courses are located outside the city. For example, the Treudelberg Country Club (www.treudelberg.com) which is an ideal place for those wishing to join the practice of golf, a few days of relaxation that includes a hotel and a spa.This field has gained a new reputation for being chosen by the champion Tiger Woods as a training venue during the European Tour championship, which was hosted by the Gut Kaden, the most exclusive Golf Club (www.gutkaden.de). It is noted that the largest number of golf courses were built north of Hamburg, such as the Waldhof Estate, but it is south of the city that are located the most recent fields and most impressive, the Lakes Course, a green extremely challenging with several water hazards.

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Marrakesh Faro Ponta Delgada Johannesburg