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In addition to being the leading financial, educational and political center of Finland, Helsinki is also a great cultural center of Europe and not only. In 2012 the city was chosen to be the World Capital of Design. Most tourists go in search of a cultural trip.

In 2012, Helsinki will be the World Capital of Design. The event confirms a strong cultural commitment on behalf of Finland that starts with KIASMA, the museum of contemporary art. Other initiatives mark the city's cultural agenda such as the Helsinki Festival, an art and culture event, taking place in summer or Valon Voimat (Forces of Light) in the winter. On your visit among the monuments, start in the center of the city in Senate square, predominantly in neoclassical style. Among the several existing buildings in this area you will find the headquarters of the Helsinki University and the Lutheran Cathedral. The city also has many museums that include the National Museum, ideal to learn about the history of the country since pre-history, the Museum of Classical Art and the Museum of Natural History. The Rock-temple, a Lutheran church is considered a most unique building in the city for its modern lines and to have been constructed inside a granite rock. Discover the Mina-Tytyri Museum, located 80 feet below sea level and to visit the fortress island of Suomenlinna, with several museums, shops and restaurants, declared World Heritage by UNESCO. Take a trip back in time to Porvoo, a beautifully preserved medieval city.

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Praia Sal Warsaw Bamako