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Despite a climate of transition, between the sunny southern part and an extreme cold of Lapland, Helsinki earns an unparalleled beauty in winter with white snow in the city. Naturally, the climate here favors the existence of excellent snow tourist destinations, with Lapland as highlight.

The winters are harsh with temperatures averaging negative degrees (20 negative degrees Celsius in Lapland). In summer nights are very short and in the north you experience the so-called "midnight sun" in contrast with the winter months where night lasts for almost two months. For all these features, Finland is one of those dream destinations for those looking for snow and ice sports or an unforgettable holiday in the land of Father Christmas: Lapland. Here you will find many fantastic infrastructures for a few days with your family earning a visit to SantaPark or Santa Claus Village in the outskirts of Rovaniemi. This is the most popular destination in the whole of Finland and not only for the imaginary of Christmas. There are stunning landscapes to enjoy, many reindeers, sports and snow activities (skiing, sledding, reindeer safaris, snowmobile, sauna and swimming in cold water), dream chalets, ice hotels and spas. In Lapland you’ll find some of the most famous ski resorts: Levi, with dozens of tracks and special equipment for snowboarding. Suomi (one of the oldest), Saariselka (above the Arctic Circle) and Mao are other ski resorts, among dozens to consider a visit. For the holidays to be perfect enjoy the beauty of aurora borealis

Snow: Andere Reiseziele

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