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Good food, welcoming people and striking landscapes invite the visitors to discover this country in the westernmost point of Europe. Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal has a Mediterranean climate, with average temperatures between 7 and 18 degrees. Along the coastline, with over 2000 km, divided amongst the mainland territory and the islands you may find extensive sand beaches and cliffs plunging into the sea.

Located in the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is bordered by Spain to the north and east, and bordering south and west you will find the Atlantic Ocean. The Archipelagos of Madeira and Azores, as well as the mainland territory comprise an extensive coastline of over 2000 km, filled with long sandy beaches and wild hideouts amongst the cliffs. The Mediterranean climate offers the visitors warm temperatures, with an annual average between 13 and 18 degrees. In the north of country you will feel the coldest temperatures, as in the cities of Guarda, Bragança, Vila Real and Viseu, where the snow will invite you on a short trip to the “Serra da Estrela” (Mountain range) or the stunning views of Gerês. During summer the population heads south, to the long sandy beaches of the Algarve and the Alentejo Coast, where thermometers can reach 40 degrees. Portugal has approximately 10 million inhabitants. Over 3 million are concentrated in the capital region, Lisbon. Their strong and delicious gastronomic traditions oblige you to try some of these delicacies. It is mandatory to try dry cod (with hundreds of recipes), discover the excellent wines (red, white and rosé), that are produced in almost the entire Portuguese territory. Become sinful, and delight yourself tasting the tempting conventual pastries and end your meal with an unforgettable glass of Port Wine.

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