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The tranquility, the fact that we can always be surrounded by sea - the Pico, always waving to us differently - and the beautiful landscape that we see in Horta, make this island turn into a haven for couples. Here you will certainly spend beautiful moments together.

Have you heard, of course, talking about the romance of Vitorino Nemesio called "“Mau Tempo No Canal” (Bad Weather in the Channel). It tells the story of an impossible love between Margaret Clark Dulmo and John Garcia of rival families, Horta, Pico and Sao Jorge. If the island has inspired a poet to write a novel, it will also inspire you to spend a few days with its majestic soul mate. We suggest, of course many walks. Make good use of the center of the city of Horta, very well arranged and flowery. A visit to the spinning windmills located at the top of Lomba da Conceição, with a landscape that will melt hearts. It is also significant trip to Peter's Cafe, one of the best to drink gin and tonics of your life, while watching the sunset. At dinner, it is a suggestion to go to the restaurant Esconderijo, in Cedros, where you can try some typical Azorean meat. Also in Cedros, but a few miles from downtown, is the ideal place to spend the most romantic day of your life: it is a rural tourism house and called Casa do Capitão (The Captain's House). Know this in www.casadocapitao.pt.

Romance: Andere Reiseziele

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