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Mozambique is truly a world of adventure. An extensive coastline, with varied ecosystems, coral reefs and lush flora and fauna up to the mountains, located north and south of the territory, much to discover and many activities to be experienced along with nature.

From Maputo you may prepare your adventure route, taking into account the type of activity and destination that you want to accomplish. The offer is varied and in Africa, discovery and surprise happen any time. For the proximity of the capital to the south route, leading to South Africa it should be the first to explore. The Maputo Elephant Reserve and Namaacha mountains are highly sought, even by local Mozambicans, but the Archipelago of Bazaruto is at present a mandatory visit and one of the best routes for ecotourism. Diving here is an unforgettable experience. The Pequenos Libombos Dam, the waterfalls and Libombos Mountains are sites to place on the map of those looking for nature activities. In the central region of the country you will find another major attraction of Mozambique: Gorongosa National Park, where you experience unforgettable safaris and may see lions and elephants at a close range. Take the chance to climb Gorongosa Mountain (1820 meters), accompanied by local guides. In Manica province, climbing Mount Binga is already a classic for those looking for plenty of adventure. In the area of influence of Cahora Bassa be sure to try the Zambezi River white water rapids. You’ll find hunting and game reserves all over the country that provide intense moments for those who love this activity. The fishing line in open sea and spear fishing are also quite practiced along the coast.

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Fortaleza Praia Stockholm Dakar
Fortaleza Praia Stockholm Dakar