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A basic rule in Morocco is that the initial price provided by the salesman should always be bargained. It is actually a lack of respect not to bargain the price with traders in Marrakesh. At the souks you can find everything, with specific areas for different types of commerce, from leather to fabrics, jewellery and handicrafts to spices, fruit and candy!

Many tourists heading to Marrakesh like to bring local tapestries. It is one of the city's symbols and the salespeople like to make that evident. When entering a shop, they will rush to unfold all the carpets and to prove that there was a lot of quality hard work and many hours involved in its production. This is where we enter the bargaining phase. "How much will you pay?"; we reply with "how much does it cost?". And with some patience, one can have seal very interesting deals.There are two streets that shouldn't be missed during your shopping trip in Marrakesh. These are not the Champs-Élysées nor the Fifth Avenue, but have their own charm. The Zitoune le Kdim riad, with handicrafts, jewellery and Moroccan traditional items, and the Avenue du Prince, with clothing shops for men and women, sports items, CDs, DVDs and bijouterie.To buy the famous mats and purses, we recommend a visit to the interior of the souk. This is where you find the best prices and the best deals. Also, take some time to do this. Big shopping can only be done here after having sipped some tea, after much conversation and after sealing a deal with a handshake.

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