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It has been an enigma to the outside world for several years, to the eyes of the most adventurous; Russia may be a group of distinct countries, all deserving to be explored. With over 17 million km2 and an annual average temperature of 5ºC, this country covers Eastern Europe and the north of Asia. A visa is required to visit the country of vodka.

You will need to Schedule a long journey on your agenda to visit the largest country in the world. Where today is estimated living 142 million inhabitants, thermometers record extreme changes. Up north in Siberia temperatures can reach negative 60ºC, as for in the south, the climate is less bleak. Russia is covered by four different climates (arctic; subarctic; temperate and subtropical) having a long snowy winter, temperate spring and a short hot summer with average temperatures of 25ºC, in Autumn it is rainy. If you consider the climate varied, the vast extent of the country, with over 17 million km2 , is also synonymous of contrasts. Besides the mandatory visits to the capital city of Moscow, St. Petersburg or the beautiful Lake Baikal in southern Siberia, your itinerary can include Zelenogradsk beaches’ in the region of Kaliningrad, the picturesque town of Gorodets, to play some moves in the public chessboard of Elista or an experience in the thermal waters of the Natural Park Nalychevo in the volcanic Kamchatka Peninsula. When sitting at the table, discover the cuisine that comprises mostly fish dishes, poultry, mushrooms, fruits and honey, several types of bread, pancakes, beer and vodka will not lack. Just as the Matrioska, symbolic handicraft Russian figure, a good souvenir of this country.

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