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For the smallest, Moscow may also be a paradise. Throughout the city there are idealized places to fit their measures and where fun is guaranteed. Be the zoo, where the dolphins have taken the main role or in the Happy Hippo Child Centre, a museum or one of the circuses of the Russian capital, the atmosphere is always of party.

Even on the coldest days, Moscow offers warm and fun places for children. In the main shopping and entertainment areas of the city there is always a corner dedicated to the little ones. The Dolphinarium in Moscow Zoo, located on Bolshaya Gruzinskaya Street, with capacity for 700 people, the program includes performances with the Black Sea dolphins, polar dolphins, sea lions, walruses and otters. In Novoslobodskaya Street, the Playground No. 1 represents the best that was built for children in the socialist era. Filled with trees, this space has genuine children cities with carrousels and rest areas. Another attraction is the Moscow Children's Centre Happy Hippo located in Usievicha Street. Designed for children between 2 and 12 years, this place has a maze, an inflatable trampoline, a soft pool, swings and slides. Creative workshops and animation with clowns are other of the distraction of the centre.

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