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It is the third capital of Bavaria, one of Germany’s 16 federal states, and it is the third-largest city in the country, straight after Berlin and Hamburg. As well as being the home to brands like Siemens and BMW, it is a city filled with green spaces and also the host of the Oktoberfest, globally known as the Beer Festival.

Its proximity with the Alps gives it a natural beauty which is out of the ordinary. Despite being, like any other large metropolis, a busy city, Munich’s movement doesn’t seem to affect the tranquillity of its residents. The truth is that, here, celebrations are a constant throughout the year. There are many tourists arriving in Munich, eager to try its famous beers, preferably in the traditional “Stein”. Expectations will definitely be met especially because it is not only during the renowned Oktoberfest that Munich is the ideal place to eat the traditional German sausages and have a beer (or more). The green spaces are abundant and places like the Englisher Garten (English Garden), bigger than New York’s Central Park, give it even more natural beauty. Munich is also a rich city, being the headquarters of several global companies like Siemens and BMW. The capital of Bavaria has approximately 1.4 million habitants, reaching 2.5 million when including the metropolitan area.