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Shopping centres are a compulsory stop, but there are also hundreds of street shops and small markets where you can find practically everything.

Bloomfield Avenue is the biggest street in the state of New Jersey, but most of its area is within the limits of Newark city. Here you find many restaurants and shops belonging to the Italian community, but you can also find all other sorts of establishments, from bookshops to spas. The Jersey Gardens (www.jerseygardens.com) are similar to a free trade area: traders pay half of the tax charged in other areas and, for that reason, they charge less for goods. It’s the best place to buy brands like Banana Republic or Gap at low prices. It’s the biggest outlet in the area, sought by residents from neighbouring towns. Ironbound (www.goironbound.com) is known for having nearly 200 restaurants, but it is also a commercial area, which also offers Portuguese and Brazilian products, but also has art galleries, electronics and clothing. The downtown area, between Central Avenue and Penn Station, is an excellent place to find biological food, since on Tuesdays and Thursdays, it hosts a market where local farms sell their produce. Here you can also find shops of all sizes, with a wide range of products. At Springfield Avenue, you can find the most renowned brands, which makes it more expensive than the other areas. From grocers to hairdressers and boutiques, you will find a wide range of products and services.

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Malaga Funchal Newark Turin
Malaga Funchal Newark Turin