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Bars and clubs bring to the streets of Nice locals and tourist of all ages. From stand-up comedy to a busy night on the dance floor, you only need to choose where to go, because you can find everything in Nice.

After midnight, the Vieux Nice (Old Town) area is where you’ll find all the entertainment. Nightlife in Nice is one of the busiest in the region, especially because most habitants are younger than 40. At the bars, there is live music and many DJs where to choose from. Start the night at Le Antes, at rue des Congrés. Attended by people of all ages, this is the best place to start, as it shuts at midnight. Le Master Home Bar offers live music at affordable prices, as well as broadcasting football games which attract many tourists. If you’re looking for a more animated space, with dancers, stand-up comedy and plays for over 18s, you have the Cabaret of Casino Ruhl, which is at Promenade des Anglais. At Le Relais, still in the promenade, you will find a fantastic decoration with oriental elements. But you will also need to pay for glamour. Among the most sophisticated bars, you will find Odace, which after midnight, turns into a dance floor. Also for dancing, you have the Guest club, big on house music. A smaller club is Ghost, at Vieux Nice, which has a more varied offer, from drum’n’bass to hip hop.

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