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Oslo is a city with a buzzing nightlife. The animation begins early, because it does not last until the following morning, as in some other countries. Jazz, or even house and techno sounds are offered at many of the nightclubs in town. But you can also choose to just go to a bar, which by day serves as a restaurant.

Oslo offers a multitude of bars, cafes or nightclubs. You can even choose between live music, quiet nights with jazz, or the usual fun of typical clubs. Most bars in the city centre are open until 3:00 a.m. and the surprise is that many of them work as restaurants during the day. So do not be surprised if the place where you had lunch is now transformed to drink some cocktails and dance to a rated DJ. In Oslo, they do not mix ages, figuratively speaking. If you want you can go to a bar only for people over 25 it is possible. If you smoke, you have to choose bars with outdoor heating, since the majority of enclosed spaces in Norway are non-smoking and if you can enjoy one of the best views in town while having, go to the Skybar at the top of the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel. A hundred feet high, this makes this bar one of the highest across Europe. The space is modern with young people. For a quiet evening of jazz, go to Blå. This is the most famous jazz club in the Norwegian capital. However, on the weekends, there are other sounds to be heard at the bar. DJs from around the world perform in this place, with sounds from techno to house music.

Nightlife: Andere Reiseziele

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