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Climbing to the top of Pico is mandatory. It is the highest mountain in Portugal, but should only be visited in the company of a guide. Adventure, challenge and courage are the secrets for anyone get to the top. The same might apply to those who set out tin discover of the many hiking trails. Quieter, are the whale watching trips.

Unavoidable is to climb to the peak, even for those that from far see the mountain top (also from other islands), with or without clouds. The help of a guide during the trip is advisable, it helps to understand the history and secrets of the places you pass through. The climb to 2351 meters requires some effort. At the end, take a deep breath and enjoy the wonderful view that reaches all the other islands of the Central Group, Terceira, Graciosa, Sao Jorge and Faial. You should not miss the unforgettable sunrise that can be seen from the top of Pico Pequeno. The hiking trails on the island of Pico are duly marked and set in the primitive accesses located between the sea and mountains, also helping to understand the natural heritage of Pico. In São Roque do Pico, the trail of Santana in Lagido, starts by a path that leads to Vigia da Baleia, from where you can enjoy a privileged view over the canal, or the Ladeira of the Moinhos, whose courses pass through six water mills and old stone “eira”. Another activity not to be missed is the observation of whales and dolphins. There are several trips out to sea (morning and afternoon) and the trip takes approximately three hours.

Adventure: Andere Reiseziele

Luanda Fortaleza Helsinki Horta
Luanda Fortaleza Helsinki Horta