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Take a walk and enjoy the unique and typical Azorean view. Nature and tranquility are symbols of Pico Island, from a swim with dolphins to a climb in the highest mountain in Portugal.

These villages have been built by fishermen for centuries, with plains and villages overlooking the sea. It is a paradise for all nature lovers. Lakes, vineyards, green woods and even lava fields that you will very hardly withdraw from your memory are all at the disposal of the visitors. This island is typically rural, where you may recover from the day-to-day city stress, and relax while planning various activities surrounded by nature. Start your day with whale watching and since the water is so close, schedule an afternoon swimming with dolphins. Save the next day, for a climb to the Pico Mountain or discover some of the many walking trails. In São Roque do Pico you’ll find the trail of Santana, in Lagido, begin with the route that goes to Vigia da Baleia from you can enjoy a privileged view over the canal, or even the Ladeira dos Moinhos, which trail you’ll come across six water mills and old stone barnyard. After all this activity, to rest your legs, try bird-watching, or a pleasant horseback ride. Alternatively your choice can go to a restful afternoon in silence, sitting in front of a river with a fishing rod in your hand? The choice is yours.

Nature: Andere Reiseziele

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