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Distinctly rural and attached to nature, Pico offers warm evenings with traditional animation. The popular festivals are the most sought by locals and tourists. The summer months are the most filled in the agenda. But of course, there are many clubs and bars less attached to tradition.

In Pico the summer months are marked by great traditional entertainment. Temperatures will invite to nights filled with fun in the streets of these historic villages. So enjoy the festivities of São Roque do Pico in the last week of June, with music performances, cultural activities and exhibitions. In the parish of Madalena you’ll witness the feast of the end of the month. In the next month it is the time for the festivities of the Whalers, in Lajes. More music and lively nights mark this week. In September, they celebrate the month of wine with the Vintage Festival. Between April and October, Praça de Armas serves as the local animation spot, having outdoor performances. In the rest of the months fun is indoors. Accept our suggestion and go to the cafe / bar Santo Pecado, in Madalena. The name is suggestive and the place as well. In the Cais do Pico, in São Roque you’ll find Clube Naval, most frequented places by young people and tourists at night. If you feel like dancing go to the nightclub O Farol, in Lajes, or the Registo Club, in the Madalena zone.

Nightlife: Andere Reiseziele

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