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Don’t just stay in Praia, explore the entire island. Go to the old city zone and discover an historic village with ruins and monuments dating from the fifteenth century. Discover the many beaches of Santiago and visit the best known: Tarrafal.

Santiago Island is where the city of Praia is located, its a box of surprises that you have to open. About 15 kilometers from the city is Cidade Velha, which served as the staging point for navigators such as Vasco da Gama and Christopher Columbus. Here are several buildings and ruins of the fifteenth century. Visit the Pelourinho, Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, the Cathedral, the Royal Fort of São Filipe and São Francisco Convent. In Santiago Island, the best beach is Tarrafal. Located about 70 kilometers from the capital, the trip is worth the effort since it is one of the most beautiful of the archipelago. Here you will find some bungalows and in the late afternoon the beach is packed with people and to hear the funaná. Pay a visit to the Resistance Museum, housed in the fort, built in 1936 to keep several political prisoners during the time that Cape Verde was a Portuguese colony. The National Botanical Garden is another must-visit spot of the island. It is located in the area of Ribeirão Galinha, in Serra Pico d'Antónia, and displays several rare plants and exotic species.

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Recife Praia Pico Dakar
Recife Praia Pico Dakar