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City Break

Visiting Rome is traveling in time. The city has a glorious past, constantly reminded in monuments, churches, plazas and fountains. But besides monumental, the black city also pays a tribute to the art of living, joyful and relaxed, which is contagious to those who visit. The mild climate invites you to a "City Break" at any time of year.

Rome has a glorious past but hasn’t become "trapped" to the ancient days, on the contrary, its social and cultural dynamics gives it new points of interest. Two days are insufficient to discover the city, so it is important to prioritize your visiting itinerary. To make good use of time and avoid great confusions, the best should be to visit Rome in spring or autumn. In the "eternal city" you cannot miss the Colosseum, the major symbol of the Italian capital, built by Emperor Vespasian in the year 72, it was the site of gladiator fights and other shows involving wild animals. The Fountain of Trevi is another of the city’s highlights that represents the city in its entire Baroque splendor. Tradition says that whoever wants to return to Rome must throw a coin into the fountain. Who goes to Rome has to visit the Vatican and enjoy the grandeur and beauty of St. Peter's Basilica, which holds within it true masterpieces. The Dome and "Pieta", both designed by Michelangelo, are just two of the reasons that make this place memorable. The creative genius of Michelangelo also gave the world the famous Sistine Chapel. To feel the city, visit Piazza di Spagna and be sure to enjoy the museums, restaurants and nightlife.

City Break: Andere Reiseziele

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