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With extensive sandy beaches or a volcanic rock setting, it is impossible to be indifferent to the beauty of the beaches on the island of Sal, where the sun shines all year, making this destination an ideal spot for those seeking a beach holiday.

Just next to the touristic town of Santa Maria, spot to where most tourists head, are the most beautiful beaches on the island of Sal But this paradise of Cape Verde, which you can easily discover due it’s small dimension, there is a great offer for travelers seeking for the sun, the warm and transparent waters and long sandy beaches. Algodoeiro, Murdeira Bay, Calheta Funda, Jorge Fonseca, Parda, Ponta Preta, Praia d'Água Doce, Puf, Salão Azul, Serra Negra and Fontona are some of the required names that must be included in the list of beaches to visit and experience in Island of Sal.

Beach: Andere Reiseziele

Luanda Valencia Dakar São Tomé and Príncipe
Luanda Valencia Dakar São Tomé and Príncipe