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In the place where the artistic and intellectual Cape Verdean elite is nested, the most well-known of the artistic leaps the Mindelo has ever seen was the one of Cesária Évora, the barefoot diva that travelled the world. At the sound of a morna, a coladera or a funaná, São Vicente is rocked by a worldly renowned music festival and a theatre festival that plays the culture exuding from the streets.

Known as the country of morabeza, the word that in Creole reminds us of the friendliness of a kind and hospitable people, used to watch arrive and depart locals and tourists – and always welcome them – the life in Cape Verde sways to the rhythm of the music. The music that is played live in pubs, nightclubs and even in the street – Amílcar Cabral plaza is a sound example of that –, where the mild climate and the informality of the ways contribute to the music shows play throughout the day and night. In Kaza d’Ajinha, in Quiosque Praça Nova, in Syrius nightclub or in Casa Café Mindelo, a centennial building which is simultaneously a hotel, a café, a restaurant, a pub, a playhouse and one of the most prominent cultural references in Mindelo, surrender yourself to the cape verdean tunes. Another of the artistic landmarks of São Vicente is the Musical Festival of Baía das Gatas, in the beach with the same name, which gathers some of the most acclaimed artists of Cape Verdean music. In the vibrant local artistic and cultural scene, theatre also plays a major role. To prove it, there’s Mindelact, one of the most important African theatre festivals, that brings to Mindelo theatre companies from all over the world.

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