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Visiting Seville is necessarily going to Cathedral of Santa Maria of Seville and its Giralda Tower, leading exponents of the city's culture. But the Andalusian capital has other cultural treasures and it is packed with museums, among them the Museum of Fine Arts, one of the most important in Spain.

The fact that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site may itself be sufficient to realize the importance of the Cathedral of Santa Maria in Seville. This is a unique monument in the world, attracting curious people from all corners of the planet. And there at the top of it’s nearly 100 meters stands the Giralda tower, a symbol of the city. But Seville and culture are inseparable, was not the city birthplace of important figures of Art, Science and Literature, as the poet Gustavo Adolfo Béquer. Museums abound almost everywhere in the city, with particular emphasis on the Museum of Fine Arts, the second largest in Spain. Finally, visit the Andalusian Museum of Contemporary Art, the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Popular Arts and Customs, the Museum of Carriages, the Military History Museum and the Bullfighting Museum. Another art form that is rooted in Seville is the flamenco, a musical style and a type of dance influenced by gypsy culture and whose culture is directly linked to the region of Andalusia.

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