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It is called La Ville Rose (The Pink City). The predominance of buildings made of pink bricks made this city of the southwest of France famous. It grew through the centuries and became an industrial reference and an important cultural and artistic pole.

The Garonne River is a fundamental element of the city. It is the river that tears Toulouse apart and throughout centuries (human presence in the region is estimated to date back to the 7th century BC) made the city accessible via the sea and later by the river. It is also Garonne’s fault that one of the major aviation factories in the world – Airbus – is there: many are the aeronautic components that arrive by the river.The city lived intensely the Roman Empire period and then went through several reigns until the 11th century. Besides being a city full of historical features, it is also an excellent base for those who want to know the southwest region of France, either to the Atlantic side (where Bourdeaux is located) or to the Pyrenees. However, the city of Toulouse justifies itself by its charm, romanticism and also by its youth. The impeccable organization and conservation of the city must be highlighted. With circa 1,1 millions inhabitants, Toulouse is the fourth largest metropolitan area of France. The population of the city itself is around 440 thousand people.