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The climate and its proximity to the sea make it desirable all year round. Discover the beaches, parks, the monuments and the gastronomy of one of Spain’s most dynamic cities.

Valencia attracts though its liveliness and through the great quantity of different experiences that it offers to whoever visits. It’s a city in permanent evolution, in which the past was only the starting point for constant innovations and for the search of the best of each season. From medieval monuments to the Ponte de La Exposición, there is a long path that can be covered in just a few hours. The past doesn’t force itself on the present and the future is only a few steps away. There is a lot to discover and enjoy here. One of its great advantages is its typically Mediterranean climate, characterized by mild winters (seldom are less than 10 degrees) and warm and dry summers. The average yearly temperature is around 17 degrees and the rain shows up in the fall and beginning of spring. The public transportation system is based mainly on buses (www.emt.es) and subway (www.metrovalencia.com). Buses move around the city and connect to the outskirts, working between 4am and 23pm, with a night service that ends at 3.30am during the weekends.