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Valencia is known as “the city of flowers and light” and honors this distinction by having wide green spaces (about 8,2km2) in the center and a huge natural park in the outskirts.

Justifying its fame for being a green city, Valencia offers, inside its urban perimeter, relaxed and pleasant spaces, like the Parque Metropolitano del Jardín del Turia, situated in the old bed of a river. Besides gardens, it has sport structures and is near museums and other interesting and touristic spots. Still in the city, there are the Jardines Real, the Botanical Garden, the Jardines de Monforte, La Glorieta and Parterre, ideals to rest or go for a walk, but also to discover new sculptures, fountains, arbors and monuments among beautiful and tranquil scenery. Just a short bus trip away from the city center is the Albufeira Natural Park (www.albuferaparc.com), the largest in Spain and common place of hibernation for aquatic birds. A boat ride is the best way to peacefully enjoy the landscape. It’s also an area with a strong gastronomical tradition and a bathing area sought by who wishes to escape disorder. Inaugurated in 2008, Valencia’s Bioparc (www.Bioparcvalencia.es) sets the difference in relation to traditional zoos, since there are practically no barriers between the animals and its visitors. The objective is to respect as most as possible species’ freedom and not turn them into mere attractions. Leopards, lions, giraffes, hippopotamus and elephants can be looked at almost in their natural environment.

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