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The city was considered in 2010, one of the best places to live. Much is due to green areas, which are more than half of the metropolitan area of Vienna. Within the city there are almost two thousand parks and gardens. Outside, the areas of Prater Lobau the woods of Vienna are an invitation for hiking and biking.

Relaxing in a garden in the city center is quite easy in Vienna, by the many options that you have. To facilitate the choice, one can say that the Stadpark is one of the most important and glamorous, with huge lawns, lakes, flowers and the statue of Strauss, the King of Waltz. Other recommended parks for their beauty and monuments in honor of great Viennese figures are Volksgarten (with a monument dedicated to Sissi) and Burggarten (where tourists go, almost as a pilgrimage, to see the statue in Mozart). Just outside the center of Vienna is the Prater, a vast green area that was a royal hunting reserve until 1776 and today is one of the major parks that draw the Viennese for walks and picnics. Tourists can also sit down to eat on the grass, but there is a much more interesting attraction: a giant wheel that allows you see to the city from the sky. Known as Vienna jungle or the water forest, the Lobau is a national park with more than two thousand hectares that besides the plants and animals there are several activities available for visitors. The Vienna Woods are a “green lung” that UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserve in 2005, where you can play sports.

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