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From the markets to the luxury and international brand’s shops, there is no lack of places where to find something really special. The wines, the liqueurs and ties are on the top of the shopping lists, but one mustn’t forget chocolates and crystals.

The markets show all of the town’s spirit, but it’s in the most ancient and traditional stores that you’ll have the feeling of being time travelling. If the typically Croatian flavors are tempting, what can be said about the strong national fashion? If you’re thinking of shopping in Zagreb, don’t rush it. There is plenty to choose from. To find souvenirs at a nice price, you can visit de Dolac market, open on Saturdays from 7am until 12 am. Besides fresh products, there is a big variety of Croatian wines and of local products like Rakija liqueur or truffles. Bornstein wine cellar (www.bornstein.hr) and Trnava Misna Vina (www.misnavina.hr) specialize in wines and, in Bakina Kuka (www.bakina-kuca.hr), you can find table delicacies like chocolates or olive oil, but if you’re searching for products like crystal bottles or craftwork the best is to go to the center of town, where there are many shops with a lot to offer. The Croata (www.croata.hr) is a good place to find ties (a local invention), as handkerchiefs or leather goods. In Zagreb there are also the usual chains of shops that one can find around the world, as well as luxury brands like Escada, Armani or Givenchy. To find the new Croatian fashion talent and take home unique pieces, you can visit the Boja Gallery (www.galerija-boja.hr) or Etna Maar (www.etnamaar.com/hr). For those who prefer special objects as antiques or rare book editions will have to pass by Antikvarijat Modric or by Studio (www.antikvarijat0studio.hr).

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