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Venues filled with class and history receives almost on a daily basis high-quality events, but in Zurich, and despite low temperatures in the winter, many of the events happen outdoors.

Throughout the year, Zurich receives numerous festivals and celebrations. Celebrations such as Carnival, Easter or the National Day of Switzerland (August 1st) take thousands of people to the streets, but events such as the Zurich Arts Festival, the Caliente, Orange Cinema, the Medieval Festival, Circo Monti or Jazznojazz are also part of the annual agenda, not only entertaining showrooms but also many outdoors venues. A rhythm which does not even slow down in the winter, since the Christmas markets, fairs and fireworks shows make many swap the comfort of their homes by the snow-covered streets. The cultural life of the city also goes through places as the Opernhaus (www.opernhaus.ch), the first opera venue to receive electrical lighting. Founded in 1891, it hosts around 270 shows every year. The Schauspielhaus (www.schauspielhaus.ch ), whose fame has surpassed Swiss borders, is the largest theatre in the country, with three different rooms. The Tonhalle (www.tonhalle.ch) has a capacity to host 1,455 people and was inaugurated in 1895, with the presence of the composer Johannes Brahms. Over 100 years later, its acoustics continue to attract many renowned musicians. Among the most famous museums in town is the Kunsthaus – Art Museum (www.kunsthaus.ch), Design Museum (www.museum-gestaltung.ch) and Landesmuseum (www.landesmuseum.ch).

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