Rezept des Monats November

Veal Cheek d’alguidar

by Chef Luís Baena



Veal cheeks 1,5 Kg
Red pepper paste 100 Gr
Garlic 20 Gr
Bay leaves 4 Leaves
Lard to taste 

Grilled potatoes
Potatoes 600 Gr
Garlic and herb butter 100 Gr 

Demi-glace to taste

Season the meat with all the ingredients excluding the lard. Leave to marinade for 6 to 8 hours.
Poach the cheeks in hot olive oil until tender. Drain. 

Boil the potato slices with skin left on.
Cook on the griddle pan on one side only.
Cover with the butter.


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Anmerkung: Die Rezepte werden nur in Portugiesisch und Englisch zur Verfügung gestellt.