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Belém do Pará: Gateway to the Amazon

Travellers venture into a new world when they enter this fascinating blend of forest and modern city. Glimpses of exuberant green wilderness peek out among the city’s colonial homes, French-style mansions and skyscrapers and meander through the squares and streets of the urban landscape.

With four hundred years of history, this place where the Xucuru tribe once lived was the first capital of Amazonia. It reached its peak in the mid-1890s when the booming rubber industry made it one of the most prosperous and well-developed cities of its day.

The climate is hot and humid, but there is no lack of shade because of the enormous number of Mango trees that shelter the inhabitants as they move about the streets whose names are derived from the city’s indigenous heritage.

Tradition is preserved in many landmarks, including the Casa das Onze Janelas, Theatro da Paz and Ver-o-Peso free market, the zoo and botanical gardens and the Emilio Goeldi Museum, the Feliz Lusitânia complex and the Old Town or historical centre with its Portuguese colonial architecture.

Belém has changed with the times, and it continues to innovate and improve its infrastructures, offering travellers a unique and captivating journey of discovery.

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