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Green Areas and a culture of environmental protection make Amsterdam a city where you can breathe Nature. Several parks and gardens add colour to this capital and allow time for rest and reflection. Definitely a good escape from the stress of day-to-day!

Amsterdam is a nature city and one the most environmentally friendly. Consider this: Over 600 thousand bicycles in circulation, instead of cars, can only be a benefit to the health of those who live there, or those who visit. Free yourself from waste gases of the most cosmopolitan cities and breathe the pure air of Amsterdam. Start off by renting a bike, (http://www.recycledbicycles.org/home.html), as other bicycle rental shops in the city, you can take one from five Euros per day. Now, you just have to ride across the narrow streets of Amsterdam to get to one of the best known parks, the Vondelpark. Its entrance gate gives us the idea of a trip to the past, it seems like the door of an illustrious castle. It has 47 acres of gardens and lakes, a journey through history of art. Inside is the Filmmuseum. In summer the park hosts outdoor concerts. Another green space you must visit is Westerpark, a park that also has a theater and cinema, which dates from 1891.

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