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Grand and historic, Athens was the principal city-state (with its own autonomous government) in Ancient Greece. Today it is a modern city with a mythical past peeking around every corner. On a stroll through the Hellenic capital, get to know the famous Acropolis and the Parthenon, universal terms that are part of the history of a place with a unique culture. Athens is an open air museum to enjoy on a walk.

The past and history legacy makes it one of the most searched destinations by tourists. From the top of the Acropolis looking down out at Athens, without realizing the hustle and bustle of its streets and the agitation of its people. But down below, in the heart of the city, the pulsing is different. Thousands of people cross the streets packed with cars and some pollution and therefore the first impression one gets of the Greek capital is of contradictory feelings. If, on the one hand, the confusion and traffic, transmit the image of a bustling city, on the other, the pieces of its mythical history lies in each corner carrying the visitor to distant worlds that dwell in the imagination of everyone.Only the city of Athens is home to nearly 745 000 people, and the city's metropolitan population is around 3.2 million (including suburbs). It is estimated, however, that today the number has risen to about five million. In this city with a breathtaking motion, venture out on a walk and live intensely the environment of contrasts that the city offers, and an eternal struggle between the winds of change and the historic anchor secured in the classical era.