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The diversity of Belo Horizonte is not only confined to a cultural offer. Here, the trade business is also an interesting offer for the visitors, whether it be in the traditional markets or in the streets, that are filled with shops. Discover the food in the Central Market, and be charmed by the glamour of the Lourdes neighborhood, or stay in vogue visiting the trendy Barro Preto neighborhood

Before going anywhere else, go to the Central Market (Av. Augusto de Lima, 744). With a huge variety of shops and where you will be invited to go in and try some typical dishes of the area, this is a place worth visiting. Enjoy and the atmosphere while having a beer at the “Casa Cheia” Bar or the “Lora” Bar. Very close to the center of "Beagá" is the most traditional district of this city. It's called Barro Preto and it is seen as the fashion center of Belo Horizonte. If you are looking for clothes or shoes, this is the place to go and with affordable prices. With over 600 stores, it is said that Barro Preto is an open air fashion store. Lourdes neighborhood is considered one the most charming in the city, where most expensive shops are located. In stores such as “Trust me”, “Maria Bonita” and “La Perla” you will find brands like Armani, Cavalli, Marc Jacobs and Fruit de la Passion. If you are looking for handicraft then it will be worth visiting the Afonso Pena Fair (www.feiradearteseartesanato.com), which has some handicraft shops, such as the “Centro de Artesanato Mineiro”. Every Sunday open from 5am in the center of town.

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