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Bilbao is an ideal city to experience some adventure. Besides the cultural variety, the excellent geographical location in the capital of Biscay allows you to enjoy various leisure activities, both on land and in the mountains of Gorobeia Urikola as in the sea with the Bay of Biscay right there beside

About an hour's drive from the center of Bilbao, you will find the imposing mountains of Gorobeia. The massif has the highest point at 1,481 meters, making it a challenge for hikers and lovers, such as mountain biking. The fact of raining a lot in this area of the Basque Country makes the meadows Gorobeia always with a fresh green color.A little closer, just over 40 kilometers, is another very popular mountain for nature lovers: a Urkiola (www.urkiola.net), with 1331 meters of altitude. In this park, besides the mountain, you can experience the beautiful climbing walls existent here. Both saws are classified as national parks, where they organize many activities, equestrian tourism, fishing or rowing.Bilbao is also one of the best surfing areas in the world. The coast of the Bay of Biscay is even chosen to be part of the world professional surfing circuit. Mundaka Beach, 40 kilometers from Bilbao, is famous not only in Europe but throughout the world by the formation of waves, known as the "left wave". But there are other sites where surfers like to go on pilgrimage: Meniakoz, Bakio e Zarautz.

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Praia Sal Warsaw Horta
Praia Sal Warsaw Horta