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Bars and clubs are abundant in the city of Faro. On the streets that fill the old town, the excitement is guaranteed. The University of Faro and the surrounding area influence the intense nightlife and Thursday is usually the day that students choose for a night out.

Increasingly, the city of Faro comes alive at night. The offer of bars is such that it's difficult even to choose from. But it is also true that there are options for all tastes. In the village of Santa Bárbara de Nexe, Eddie's Bar is a kind of sanctuary in honor of the heavy-metal band Iron Maiden. The band's bassist, Steve Harris, the owner of this space, has decorated it with objects used by the group on tours such as the sarcophagus that he found on the World Slavery Tour in the mid 80s. In the Conselheiro Bivar Street, in downtown Faro, Nippon Bar, opened in May 2010, combining music and sushi. With a rustic decor, the Tasquinha O Cruzeiro in Madalena Square is the setting for student gatherings, usually washed down with the house specialty, sangria. To drink an exquisite cocktail at the sound of Latin rhythms there is Havana Club in Nascente Avenue. If jazz pleases you, on Wednesdays this is the music you will hear in Ovelha Negra, in Capitão Mor Street.

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