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Hamburg is the main city for shopping in the northern region of Germany. There are several streets and shopping malls where you can buy almost everything from the most expensive clothing stores, to stores and or most modern or alternative shops, just outside the central zone of the city

The preferred area for the locals to shop is the mall that is located on Mönckebergstraße street in the center of Hamburg. To cope with the weather, the decision was to close a street in the center of town, so that consumers would be more comfortable. Just beside there is also another very busy street, the Spitalerstraße. These are the places where you see most people carrying bags, others just going for walks, or to window shop, even chatting. But the downtown area has many other malls such as the: Hanseviertel, or Bleichenhof Gallery which are some of the largest.It is also possible to find some stores that are cheaper and very popular among the youth, especially those related to design. Go for a walk in Schanzenviertel area and find them. There also shops that sells vintage items, increasingly popular in Hamburg as well as the outlet stores or second-hand shops known for selling good products. One of the most visited is the Hot Dogs store in Marktstrasse, 38. Alternatively, you can go to the Vintage and Rags in Mühren Kurze, 6. You will certainly not leave any of these stores empty-handed.

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