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Helsinki has plenty of nightlife activities: concerts, plays or nightclubs where you can have a beer. Despite having to pay in most bars to get in, there are still a few where you can get in for free. In the Finnish summer, it almost doesn’t get dark, which can turn a night out unforgettable, if you also include a dive in the ocean and a passage by the ice bar.

Official statistics show that, in 2010, there was a record number of visitors to the Finnish capital of over three million tourists. In work or leisure trips, many sleep in Helsinki to try out what the night has to offer.The capital’s nightlife is focussed in the streets of Eerikinkatu and Uudenmaankatu, where experience goes past entering and exiting different bars and nightclubs, most of which with a paid entry (but it is still possible to find some, where entrance is free). In the centre of Helsinki, it will be easy to find a bar, but you shouldn’t wait to find a beer for less than five euros. At the Teerenpeli bar, next to the Kampi shopping mall, programming includes stand-up comedy nights.If you want to have a truly gelid experience, do not miss the Arctic Ice Bar, an ice bar whose constant temperature is at around minus five degrees. If you don’t wear enough clothes, do not get worries because you will get gloves and a warm coat when you get in.After a night at the bar, there is always the chance of swimming at the Hietaniemi beach (under the moonlight in the winter or sunlight if it’s summer, since it practically does not get dark in Finland).

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