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A city that continues to charm the visitors, despite still healing many of its wounds, Luanda has a unique landscape, a contagious energy and hundreds of reasons to be enchanted by the uniqueness of its heritage.

Luanda is still recovering from the long and difficult years of the Civil War, which left many scars in the city, but it hasn’t lost the charm of its natural beauty or the unique atmosphere, marked by the Portuguese presence, where the African culture and identity are also heavily marked. Most of the time the weather is pleasant and favorable to outdoor activities, but in the rainy season, between September and May temperatures are much higher. Before travelling to Angola it is important that you get some useful information (www.secomunidades.pt), particularly concerning vaccination and precautions on the ingestion of water or food bought in street markets. The security concerns have diminished over the years and travelling to Luanda does not require very different precautions from those that are customary in major Portuguese cities. One must be careful during the night and in the roads linking to the outskirts, because many are still much damaged or under repair. With regard to transport, buses are not advisable commonly known as candongueiros. Therefore, it is useful to obtain some prior information about the transportation system and plan the trips.