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The markets are ideal to feel the spirit of Africa and to find typical handicrafts of various ethnic groups, but there are also luxury stores and other places where you’ll find good gifts and souvenirs

Until recently, the Market of Roque Santeiro was one of the most typical and sought in Luanda. In September 2010 the area was dismantled and many vendors had to move to areas such as Panguila, Congolese, São Paulo, Asa Branca and Kikolo, where they continue to sell a little of everything. The handcraft items may be a good solution for those looking to buy local gifts and souvenirs. The pieces in wood, bronze, ivory or ceramic are the most common and are closely tied to different ethnic groups in this country. Sculptures as “The Thinker” and Mwana Pwo masks are on the list of the most sought by the tourists, so beware of imitations, often more perfect than the original pieces. The Futungo Market, which runs on Sundays, is one of the best places to find handicrafts. You have to take a good look among the offer, because among the most standard pieces sold by vendors dressed in tribal costumes, are occasionally some rarities. Nearby, the Artesanal Belas Fair, it’s a great place to buy traditional Angolan costumes. The Kinaxixi Market and Fair of Bairro Benfica are other typical African markets. The Angolan capital also offers a wide variety of boutiques and is currently building more shopping centers, places that may be useful to those who have little time available. African music lovers may enjoy a trip to Luanda to find albums that are rarely available outside the country.

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Luanda Pamplona Manchester Miami