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There is nothing better than to learn how to dance samba or forró with the Pro's. If you're in Natal, you know you'll leave there a specialist in traditional dances. Get yourself a teacher and learn these traditional Brazilian dances, who have won fans around the world. To rest the feet of some bruising, you may, alternatively visit the nightclubs that play the usual commercial sounds, from rock to pop.

It is true that the beach can be tiring, but when will you have the opportunity to be in Natal again at the busiest bars and clubs in the region? Therefore, get to work, dress to perfection and again go to the beach because there is where the fun is. At night, the busiest spots at Natal are the Ponta Negra, a Ponta do Morcego, a Praia do Meio and the neighbourhoods of Petrópolis and Tirol, near the centre. This is where you will find most of the bars, nightclubs and discos in the city. And since you're in Brazil, there’s nothing better than some lessons in traditional dancing. The samba and forró are the most typical. Go to the Tourist office and join the dance Forró com Turista. In the past, this dance was seen as an escape for the poor. The name "forró" was born from the word for all, in other words, the dance was for everyone. If, instead of folk dancing, you're an adept to clubs, go to the Albatroz, in Praça Cívica. Here you can also dance samba, but the type of music varies depending on the day of the week. In the basement of the Pousada da Juventude Lua Cheia (Youth hostel) in Ponta Negra, is a Taverna nightclub, a more youthful spot and without prejudices.

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