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New York is comprised by islands and bridges that interconnect them, so you have several ways to enjoy summer just a few kilometers away. The main seaside destinations are Coney Island and Long Island. Never thought of going to the beach in New York? Well know that the journey is worthwhile.

If it gets too hot and you’re tired from all the shopping and walking up and down Fifth Avenue, be advised that a few kilometers away you can find the ideal place to relax and go for a dip. On Long Island, east of Manhattan, there are many urban and isolated beaches as well as other wildlife areas or more touristic. Jones Beach with easy access is a highlight of Long Island, but in Coney Island, Brooklyn, there are also tempting beaches. The most curious is that it is not even necessary to take the car to get there. Some beaches can be reached using the subway, departing from Manhattan, the trip takes just over an hour. And if you think that in New York it is always cold, then you are wrong. For in summer the temperature can reach 36 degrees. In South Beach, Staten Island district - connected to Brooklyn by the Verrazano Bridge and the Jersey City-Narroes the Goethals Bridge - you may put aside the chaos of the Big Apple and relax in one of these several beaches. If you visit this great city in the summer, don’t forget your swimwear and do put the beach on your trip itinerary.

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Natal Coruña Pico Porto Santo
Natal Coruña Pico Porto Santo